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Be the LIGHT that inspires others...


To empower individuals to go beyond what society and the media has told them as it pertains to self esteem, beauty, and careers.

We will inspire and empower generations so that they will be brave, innovative, confident, and self-assured.


To help individuals know their true identities for themselves. We will guide them through literature, career exposure, cultural experiences, and healthy thinking about themselves.


Kisha Mitchell is a mother of two daughters, 4 and 6 years of age. She has a loving husband and business partner of 10 years. Mitchell has been a 6th and 7th grade language arts teacher, a graduation coach and an administrator of a high school and middle school. She holds her educational specialist in leadership and she has a passion for inspiring all young people.  Throughout her years as an educator, she has seen many obstacles that young people have to overcome within themselves and within his or her communities.  Her book, Brown Girl, Brown Girl, What Do You See? is the first of her book series that addresses self-esteem in little girls.  The next books coming soon are Brown Boy, Brown Boy, What Do You See? and Little Girl, Little Girl, What Will You Be?


The Book

Take a journey of self-discovery with our main character as she and her friends discover the beauty and opportunity that lies within each of them.


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